Waterproofing Systems for Dry Basements

If you have a wet leaky basement...
You have a water drainage problem.

Sealing of cracks and holes in foundation walls in addition to proper water drainage is essential for a dry basement. AAA Reick's Waterproofing uses proven exterior waterproofing systems for a dry basement. We work from the outside of your home at the source of your water problem so you can have a safe dry basement.

One or more of the following systems may be used to waterproof your basement.

Waterproof Sheet Membranes

Cracks can be caused by poorly built foundation footing that allows a wall to drop or settle causing separation or cracks, or holes in the blocks used to form basement walls.

One of the most important parts of our job is to excavate and seal the cracks, gaps, and holes in your foundation wall that are letting the water into your basement.

We will excavate the problem areas and clean the wall as needed. We then fill the cracks, gaps, and holes with a high-quality fast-setting mortar or hydraulic cement. Then a special primer is applied to the work area followed by a layer of thick polymer sheet membrane. The work area is then filled in and the ground is compacted.

Waterproof Sheet Membranes

Foundation Grading and Regrade

Regrading offers one of the best ways to shed water away from your foundation walls and divert it to an area where it can safely permeate naturally into the earth, and not into your basement.

Areas directly around the immediate perimeter of your home, usually 3' to 6' out from foundation walls, are the most critical areas to regrade.

We remove any landscape material in the area and can reinstall or replace these materials professionally at your request.

We install compactable soils the can resist settling through the years.

Other larger areas away from the home may be regraded with a Bobcat to create a swale to carry water away to a designated area or lower a high spot to allow water to flow out.

We may need to work around paved areas or remove pavement as needed to perform our work.

Foundation Grading & Regrade

Exterior Drain Tile System

The exterior drain tile is installed along the inside of the edging that borders your decorative rock or mulch beds around the foundation of your home. The perforated drain tile intercepts the water before it can soak in and reroutes it to a predetermined location where it safely can soak in, away from your home's foundation walls. We use a perforated drain tile that has a fabric sleeve over it to keep it from plugging up with small particles that wash through the system over the years. Please keep outlets clear of snow, ice, and debris year-round.

There are other types of exterior drain tile systems besides the one shown. This method may or may not be recommended depending on the water problem.

Exterior Drain Tile System

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