Plymouth, MN Basement Waterproofing

Landscaping & Basement Waterproofing Services in Plymouth, MN

At AAA Reick’s Landscaping and Waterproofing, we’re proud to be a leading provider of basement waterproofing in Plymouth, MN. We understand that keeping your home safe from water damage is crucial. By waterproofing your basement, we keep your property dry and secure. This service prevents water from seeping in and causing structural damage or mold growth.

Waterproofing basements is about more than just protecting the property structure; it’s also about preserving the value of your home. A damp basement can significantly lower your property value. When you invest in our exterior basement waterproofing services, you’re investing in maintaining the worth of your house on the market.

We take pride in our proactive approach to exterior basement waterproofing. Instead of reacting to problems after they occur, we aim to prevent them from happening at all. Our team inspects your foundation for potential vulnerabilities, seals cracks with high-quality materials, and creates a barrier between groundwater and your home’s foundation.

Remember, there’s no need to tear up your basement floor when you choose us! We ensure that all valuable belongings stored in this area are safe from water-related disasters. Trust AAA Reick’s Landscaping & Waterproofing to protect not just the integrity of your house but also what’s inside it – because we know how much it means to you.

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Plymouth is a city in Hennepin County in the U.S. state of Minnesota. A suburb in the Minneapolis–Saint Paul metropolitan area, the city is about 10 miles west of downtown Minneapolis.

  • Population: 79,828 (2021)
  • ZIP codes55441, 55442, 55446, 55447

Basement Waterproofing FAQ

Q: Do you do basement waterproofing in Plymouth, MN?
A: We have quite a few clients in and around Plymouth for basement waterproofing and landscaping.

Q: What exactly is exterior basement waterproofing?
A: Exterior basement waterproofing is a process that involves creating a barrier between your foundation and groundwater to prevent water infiltration and moisture problems in your basement.

Q: Why do I need exterior basement waterproofing for my home?
A: Exterior basement waterproofing helps prevent structural damage, mold and mildew growth. It protects your belongings stored in the basement from water damage and preserves the value of your property.

Q: How does exterior basement waterproofing work?
A: The procedure usually involves excavating the soil around your foundation to inspect for cracks or vulnerabilities. These areas are sealed with high-quality waterproofing materials such as specialized membranes, coatings, and sealants to stop water seepage.

Q: Can I handle exterior basement waterproofing myself?
A: While it’s possible to undertake some minor forms of interior waterproofing yourself, we recommend professional help for exterior tasks due to their complexity. Professionals will have the right equipment and expertise to ensure effective results.

Q: What happens if I ignore potential water problems in my basement?
A: Ignoring potential water issues can lead to severe consequences like structural damage, mold and mildew growth which pose health risks, ruined belongings, and decreased property value.

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