Burnsville, MN Basement Waterproofing

There Is No Need To Tear Up Your Basement Floor!

At AAA Reick’s Landscaping and Waterproofing, we’re proud to offer top-tier basement waterproofing services in Burnsville, MN. We understand how critical a dry basement is for maintaining the integrity of your home. With our extensive knowledge and skills, we provide solutions that keep your home safe from potential water damage.

Exterior Basement Waterproofing

Our approach to exterior basement waterproofing is proactive. We focus on preventing water infiltration right at its source rather than dealing with it after it has entered your basement. This involves creating a barrier between your foundation and groundwater to ensure no moisture seeps into your house.

How do we achieve this? We start by excavating the soil around your foundation. This allows us to inspect the walls for any cracks or gaps that could let water in. Once we identify these vulnerabilities, we seal them using high-quality materials like specialized membranes and coatings.

But why should you consider getting your basement waterproofed? Apart from preventing structural damage caused by moisture infiltration, it also helps prevent mold growth, which can harm health. Not only will you have a safer living environment, but you’ll also protect any belongings stored in the basement from potential water-related disasters.

Moreover, our services are not just about keeping your home safe – they’re also an investment for future value! A wet basement can significantly decrease property value due to concerns like water damage and mold growth among potential buyers. By choosing us for exterior waterproofing in Burnsville, MN., you ensure that your home retains its market appeal while protecting against unwanted issues.

Why AAA Reick's?

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Waterproofing Experts

Burnsville is 15 miles south of downtown Minneapolis in Dakota County, Minnesota. The city is situated on a bluff overlooking the south bank of the Minnesota River, upstream from its confluence with the Mississippi River.

Basement Waterproofing FAQ

Q: Do you do basement waterproofing in Burnsville, MN?
A: After 35+ years in business, we have many clients in and around Burnsville for basement waterproofing and landscaping.

Q: What is exterior basement waterproofing?
A: Exterior basement waterproofing is a process that involves creating a barrier between your home’s foundation and groundwater to prevent water infiltration and moisture problems in the basement.

Q: How does exterior waterproofing protect my home?
A: By preventing water from seeping into your basement, exterior waterproofing protects your foundation from potential damage, reduces the risk of mold growth, safeguards your belongings stored in the area, preserves house value, and ensures a healthier living environment.

Q: Will you tear up my basement floor for this process?
A: No, you won’t. The process involves excavating around the outside of your foundation rather than disrupting the interior of your home.

Q: Can I handle exterior basement waterproofing, or need professional help?
A: It is not advised to do it yourself. Professional inspection and implementation can diagnose and solve water-related issues once and for all.

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Directions to AAA Reick's Landscaping & Waterproofing

Directions from Burnsville, MN to AAA Reick’s Landscaping & Waterproofing, Burnsville, MN

  1. Start in Burnsville
    • Head north on Nicollet Ave toward E 130th St for 0.6 mi.
  2. Proceed on Hwy 13 W/Sioux Trl
    • Use the left 2 lanes to turn left onto Hwy 13 W/Sioux Trl and continue for 2.5 mi.
  3. Arrive at Destination
    • Turn right onto Chowen Ave S and proceed for 167 ft.
    • Turn left onto Frontage Rd for 0.1 mi.
    • Turn right and go for 184 ft, then turn left.
    • Destination will be on the right after 125 ft.

Destination: AAA Reick’s Landscaping & Waterproofing 3806 Hwy 13 W Suite A, Burnsville, MN 55337

Total Distance: Approximately 3.4 miles

Estimated Travel Time: About 7 minutes (without traffic)