Our Basement Waterproofing Customers are Saying


"After purchasing a home we soon experienced water issues in the downstairs. AAA Reicks waterproofing was highly recommended by a contractor friend who had used them on several of his projects. We've remained dry for over 12 years." - M. Thamer - Burnsville, MN"My basement is dry!  Thanks to AAA Reicks Waterproofing we have confidently installed carpet downstairs and finished our family room, thanks again." - D. Perry - Minneapolis, MN

"I knew our water problem was caused by our poor grading around our home. I looked for help and saw you were a member of the Better Business Bureau. When I called I talked to Tony, and he came out and diagnosed our water problem in a short time and fix it within a week." - F. Mc Coy - Minnetonka, MN

"A couple of companies wanted to tear up our basement, but AAA Reicks were able to do a great job of waterproofing my basement from the outside. Not only was it a success but, the finished work also looks great." - T. Schrick - Burnsville, MN

"We needed an affordable solution to our wet basement and found one with your waterproofing company. Thank you!" - Z. Barnes- Edina, MN

"After pulling up with wet carpet AGAIN, we finally called AAA Reick's. They worked all day outside on a very hot day to complete my regrading project and my basement remains dry even after big rains." - E. Hahn-Edina, MN

"We had a home inspector out to figure out why our new "older" home's basement gets wet. He said we needed to regrade around the exterior of our home. We called AAA Reicks and they did the necessary work for a fraction of the cost of what the other companies were charging." - A. Myers- Minneapolis,MN

"Problem solved! Thanks, AAA Reicks!" - D. Allen-Minneapolis, MN

"We were remodeling our basement and found MOLD! We looked online and found your company and our moisture problems have been solved. You may use us in your list of satisfied customers." - Mark V.- Minnetonka, MN

"The poor grading we had around our yard was allowing water to enter our basement. After regrading I have experienced no more water issues. Thanks to you and your hard working crew." - L. Mc Donald - Savage,MN

"We were alarmed to find standing water in my daughters downstairs bedroom. AAA Reicks found a crack in our foundation wall and successfully fixed it" - Ron G. - Minnetonka, MN


"We paid 2 other companies who could not stop our wet basement, then we called AAA Reicks Waterproofing and they finally put an end to our nightmare. I appreciate your intelligent solution." - K. Boston - Richfield, MN

"Every time it would rain the basement would flood until I called AAA Reick's Waterproofing. our new drainage system they installed has word perfectly since." - D. Brown - St Paul, MN

"I tried unsuccessfully to fix my wet basement. Then I saw your crew working at my neighbor's home and investigated your work. I liked what I saw, and hired AAA Reick's to come over and do my home next." - G. Bates - Bloomington, MN

"Our sump pump system failed one very stormy night. Thanks to your knowledge of our situation, a detailed solution was purposed and implemented by your company. I will refer you to my friends and family if they have a need for waterproofing." - S. Midthum- Minneapolis, MN

"We are very satisfied with work done at our home. Your company did a thorough job and a excellent job of clean up." - F. Jenkins- Minneapolis, MN

"We appreciate the time Tony took to evaluate our flooded basement. He was able to come up with a some great ideas. He was hired because we trusted him and he did not let us down." - B. Stein - Edina, MN

"Your pricing was so reasonable and your work was done very professionally. We give a big 2 thumbs -up!" - N. Diaz - Edina, MN

"We lived with a wet basement for too long. I called AAA Reick's for help and found them to have the best methods of dealing with my water issues, it made sense, fix the root of problem and the problem was solved." - G. Watson- Bloomington, MN

"AAA Reicks has done a terrific job of waterproofing our basement!" - D. Conner -Minneapolis, MN

"After years of dealing with a wet basement every time it rained hard, found our problem and repaired it thanks to that hard working crew." - S. Koop - Minneapolis, MN

"Thanks to you guys, we are finally dry!" - G. Poland - Blooomington, MN

"Tony and the crew showed up and were able to complete the work as promised and we've stayed dry ever since." - G. Sussie - Minneapolis, MN

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