Why Fixing Your Wet Basement Makes Sense

Fixing your home's wet basement should be at the top of your to-do list. A dry home is a safe home. Some people wonder if they should spend the money to waterproof their basement as they have other bills to pay. Often, by delaying the necessary work, they are putting the integrity of the home and the safety of their family in jeopardy.

Here is of some concerns you should have if your home is not safe and dry.

Mold damage. Dangerous black mold is just one of the many molds and fungus that thrive in moist areas of your basement. They release spores that can become airborne and inhaled by family members, possibly making them very ill. Also, add the cost to have the home cleaned free of dangerous molds through mold remediation can be incredibly expensive.

Reoccurring expenses. Homeowners often hire specialized restoration companies to come and dry their basements after each heavy rain. They will come with mops, dry vacs, fans, and dehumidifiers each time your basement floods. This cost will also dry up your bank account. Don’t forget the cost to repair the damage to your home, Wet carpet, and padding that needs removing and replacing, stained wood along with the baseboard trim, sheetrock, and insulation may also need removing and replacing – not to mention the awful musty smell.

Resale value. Selling your home is probably something you will need to consider at one time or another. Water damage and the need for a dry basement can ruin the sale of your home. I’ve talked to several homeowners and realtors who were horrified to find a wet basement when a potential buyer was there for a showing and then scrambling to find an available waterproofing contractor who can come to the rescue. Most of these homeowners knew about the water problems and did nothing. Failure to acknowledge existing water issues before you sell your home can be expensive and end in litigation or even taking a day off work to go to court, with a lawyer.

Last, but not least is the peaceful way you will sleep at night. Knowing you won’t need to get up and When thunderstorms roll in on hot summer nights, dropping sheets of rain on your home or the deep snows of winter give way to spring and waters start to rise you will confidence your home is going to stay safe and dry.

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We specialize in working from outside so there is no need to make a dusty mess inside your home, tearing up the basement floor, moving the furnace, pull the tile off the bathroom floor… Obviously, it’s almost always cheaper to prevent further water intrusion into one of your most valuable possessions, your home.

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