Wet Basements And Snowmelt – Everything You Need To Know

Snowmelt in the spring can cause huge problems for homeowners living in Minneapolis - St. Paul. Basements flood each year when the water from melting snow is trapped between your home and piles of snow around the house that has accumulated throughout the winter.

The water comes in your home because the foundation walls have cracks or holes that allow the moisture to penetrate. Older, failing concrete walkways or patio slabs that butt-up to the home and slope the wrong way can exacerbate this problem. A negative grade around the foundation of the home can also be the culprit.

Don't Be Afraid! Call AAA Reicks Waterproofing. They make it easy to find an answer to your flooded basement. They can diagnose your problems and find a solution to your drainage issues without busting up the basement floor. Without moving any indoor utilities like water heaters... No dust, no tracking on the carpet or people in your home.

Here are some photos of a job we did for a customer who had a leaky basement because of a crack in the foundation wall.

The pavers were removed and the area was excavated by hand to expose the crack.

The foundation wall was cleaned free of dirt and a primer was applied.

The hole was filled, compacted and the pavers replaced so the sloped away from problem area.

AAA Reicks Waterproofing works from outside your home. After meeting with you to diagnose why your basement leaks and how to stop it our well-trained crew will come out and sealing holes and cracks in your foundation walls with dependable methods and products such as drain tile systems, hydraulic cement, waterproofing sheet membrane. Re-grading around the foundation with compacted soil for proper drainage away. Most work is done by hand, with little or no change to existing landscaping.

We have been keeping basements dry in the Twin Cities for over 30 years. We have waterproofed thousands of homes, many possibly right in your neighborhood. Our methods of exterior waterproofing have proven to be watertight through time. Please invest in the time to make sure your home stays safe and dry.


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