Basement Waterproofing Systems

Choosing the right waterproofing systems for Twin City homes should always start with an exterior solution. Over time, many things happen that can cause a water seepage into the basement. The soil around the foundation settles, concrete, and other paved surfaces can eventually tip back towards the home, holes and cracks form in foundation walls.

These are some of the reasons for wet, damp, musty smelling basements. It's necessary to action once you become aware of the situation as black mold and bacteria can grow under these conditions. You may also find more creepy bugs in your home that seek out these moist areas to live and breed.

Waterproofing Systems

Exterior Waterproofing Systems

Exterior Basement Waterproofing Systems

There is no need to tear up the basement floor! We solve leaky basement and foundation problems by working outside the home. By using one or more of these systems, we prevent the water from entering your basement.

Grading and Regrading

Grading & Regrading is one of the best ways to shed water away from your foundation walls and divert it to an area where it can safely permeate naturally into the earth, and not into your basement.

French Drains

French drains are a good way to shed unwanted water from a flat area in your yard.

Exterior Drain Tile

Exterior drain tile is perforated and intercepts the water before get to your foundation.

Foundation Waterproofing Membranes

Waterproofing Membranes are used to seal cracks in the exterior foundation walls.

Channel Drains

Channel Drains are commonly installed along concrete or asphalt areas to intercept water similar to a French drain but made specifically for paved surfaces.

Gutter Extensions

Gutter extensions often do not extend out far enough out from a home’s foundation walls or may be missing altogether allowing water to pool up by your foundation walls and entering your basement.

Window Wells

Sometimes it is necessary to install window wells or raise the height of existing wells to keep soil and moisture away from the window frame.

AAA Reick's Landscape And Waterproofing is a full-service basement waterproofing and landscape design company. Lawn drainage and exterior basement waterproofing is our specialty!

We have been waterproofing basements for over 30 years all around the twin cities area and have many testimonials from happy customers with dry basements.

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