Wet BasementsWet Basements Have One or More Problems

  1. Poor grade around the foundation of the home. Water drains towards home because the soil surrounding the foundation slopes the wrong way. Rock, mulch or other materials may hide how bad your problem really is. A low deck can also make the area hard to see.
  2. Bad pavement. Concrete or other surfaces may settle and tip towards the foundation. Cracks and gaps in concrete also create a pathway for water intrusion.
  3. Cracks and holes in foundation walls. Over time, a house will settle and basement walls may develop cracks or holes that allow water to penetrate into the lower level of the home.
  4. Window wells. Egress and standard size wells can have settling around them that occurs over time or because of rodents that dig and tunnel around them. They also may be set too low to the ground, not allowing for room to add soil for proper drainage away from home.
  5. High water table. This is VERY unlikely your problem. If water rises, it rises equally and would most likely make all 4 of the sides of your home wet at the same height and at the same time. But this rarely happens, as water usually favors a certain side or corner.

How To Solve Wet Basement Problems

Every home is unique and so are the solutions. We have many time proven methods for solving basement moisture problems. See our Waterproofing Systems page to learn more.

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