The Tale of 2 Minneapolis/St. Paul Basements – Dry and Wet

Black mold in the basement

In the same part of Minneapolis/St. Paul, on the same side street, side-by-side are 2 houses. One has a dry basement. The other is a wet one.

This isn’t a surreal tale out of a Stephen King novel or a SciFi film. Actually, it happens all the time. And if you are the neighbor with the wet basement you want to know why this is happening to you and not the folks next door.

Here are the 5 things you have to know:

Different Rooflines

The roof is a long way from the basement and the foundation. But it can have a lot to do with water not coming in. For instance, the hip-type roof empties rainwater equally on all sides of the property. That, along with the right soffit overhang jutting out 3 feet or more, keeps water far from the basement and foundation. Yes, water can seep in through the foundation.

In contrast, roofs with sharp pitches and valleys and little overhang distribute rainwater near the foundation and other locations where it can seep into the basement.

The Right Gutter

Quality gutters, measuring 4 inches, provide a strong line of defense against water reaching your basement. That’s because they smoothly conduct water away from where it will cause trouble. There are pros and cons to a leaf guard. On the one hand, it can prevent clogging from debris. On the other hand, during a heavy downpour, it can create a spigot shooting off the water which could winds up entering the property.

Condition of the Foundation Walls

It’s through the cracks and holes in the foundation that water can and will enter. People with dry basements have zeroed in on finding any of those “passageways” and sealing them. Sounds simple? Not so fast. Often it’s necessary to have some excavating done to identify where the openings are. We at AAA Reick will handle that excavating for you – carefully and affordably.

Magic of Caring

A house that is constructed and landscaped with a mission of craftsmanship provides the best defense against the assaults of bad weather. That includes the fierce storms in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area. The materials, the structure of the foundation, choice of roofing, the paving of the driveway, and the sloping of the soil all will factor into whether a basement will be wet or dry. Add on to that the kind of deep commitment the owner needs to maintain the house, patios, driveway, and sidewalk.

Basement Waterproofing from the Outside

The odds are that the neighbor’s basement might not have always been dry. The owner could have contacted us at AAA Reick's to waterproof the property by focusing on where the water comes in. That’s from the outside. Rarely does it rise from beneath the floor of the basement.

You deserve to protect your property, your family’s health, and your peace of mind with a dry basement. Start on that journey by calling AAA Reick's, the Basement Waterproofing People at – 612-369-6626 – for a complimentary consultation.

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