That Wet Basement in Minneapolis Metro Area

4 Reasons You Can't Afford to Not Fix It

Your basement in the Minneapolis Metro area is wet. With climate change that's happening more often and with more and more water. However, given galloping inflation you think: I can't afford to even put this on a to-fix-it list. The reality we at AAA Reick's Waterproofing know is this: A wet basement causes you 4 major problems.

Mold/Fungus Damage

Even a little moisture in the basement creates a breeding ground for black mold and fungus. The spores they release can make you and members of your family very ill. In addition, if this problem does develop the expense of what's called "mold remediation" is sky-high. Inflation will make it higher.

Just-In-Time Dry-Outs

Even a moist basement, never mind one very wet after a downpour, is not the way you want to "stage" the property you are trying to sell. Usually, the first thing real estate brokers will ask you is: What about your basement? If it isn't dry they will warn you how a lack of waterproofing could kill a sale. If you don't disclose that you have a problem in the basement when it rains, you could wind up in litigation.

Peace of Mind

After we do waterproofing, over and over homeowners tell us, "We can finally sleep at night." No matter what's happening in the weather or what might happen, they enjoy their ZZZZZZs. In the morning they no longer will have to do everything from the mop-up to assessing if the contents of the room such as the furniture have to be destroyed.

Fixing your basement is bound to be less expensive than you feared. That's because we at AAA Reick work from the outside. There's no pulling up your basement floor. No installing a sump pump. We find out how the water is coming in. That could be a hole, crack or gap in the foundation wall. No no no, the water doesn't "rise up" from beneath your basement floor - as in some kind of horror or sci-fi movie.

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