Wet Basements and Waterproofing Misconceptions

Cracked Mortar On Corner

When I talk to people about what I do for a living, I tell them I run one of the most unique waterproofing companies in the Twin Cities, AAA Reick’s Landscaping and waterproofing L.L.C. I hear a lot of confusion on what exactly we do and one of the biggest misconceptions is the following: It…

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Wet Basements And Snowmelt – Everything You Need To Know

Cracked Wall Sealed With Waterproofing Membrane

Snowmelt in the spring can cause huge problems for homeowners living in Minneapolis – St. Paul. Basements flood each year when the water from melting snow is trapped between your home and piles of snow around the house that has accumulated throughout the winter. The water comes in your home because the foundation walls have…

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Top 5 Reasons A Minneapolis Or St. Paul Home Has A Wet Basement

Window Wells

Every Spring as the snow melts and the rains of April, May and June come, hundreds of homes in the Twin City Metro experience wet basements. There are 5 main reasons this occurs: #1 Improper Grade Around the Foundation of Your Home Water drains backwards towards home because the soil surrounding the foundation slopes the…

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