Wet basement AGAIN?!

Problem Area By Concrete Step And Sidewalk

A Wet Basement AGAIN? Everyone wants a safe and dry basement, but not everyone has one. Those are the facts. My job is to make sure that people who contact my company because they have experienced water in the basement receive the service they need. I take that seriously because I’m aware of the dangers…

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Basement Waterproofing Problems Are Not Alike

Basement Waterproofing Problems

AAA Reick’s is a name you can trust for solving basement waterproofing problems in the Twin Cities. The majority of basement waterproofing performed today comes from companies selling “water control systems”. These companies claim to do all types of waterproofing, but will always steer you to their “unique method”, which is an interior water control…

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Water Control Systems vs Exterior Waterproofing

Water Control Systems

Water Control Systems vs Exterior Waterproofing Today’s blog examines Water Control Systems versus Exterior Waterproofing and will help you understand the two methods used to stop a leaky basement. There are two options available to solve wet basement problems in the Twin Cities: interior or exterior. What are the differences? What Method is best for waterproofing your home…

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