Recent Rains Cause Wet Basements and Mold Growth

Cracks and holes sealed with membrane

I recently received a call from a distressed Twin Cities homeowner, Helpless and wet in Minneapolis, this is their story… Question: Every time it rains I end up with a wet basement. The storm we had the other night flooded my basement again. This has got to stop! Every time it rains I go downstairs…

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Best Basement Waterproofing Company In Minneapolis

Waterproofing sheet membrane

Minneapolis is a city where older houses are abundant. Many of these wonderful homes have a dark secret, a musty odor in the basement. Anytime one can smell “That Smell” it is more than likely some type of mold growing in their house. It may be in the carpet, sheetrock, plaster, wooden baseboards, wall framing…

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Why Do Some Minneapolis Homes Have Wet Basements?

Negative Slope Wet Basements

Wet Basements Have One or More Problems Poor grade around the foundation of the home. Water drains towards home because the soil surrounding the foundation slopes the wrong way. Rock, mulch or other materials may hide how bad your problem really is. A low deck can also make the area hard to see. Bad pavement.…

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