Wet Basement ProblemsIf your reading this it is more than likely you have wet basement problems. Before you call anyone here are 3 steps to help you address the actual reasons for your basement leakage and get a dependable solution. This will assure a good nights sleep during the next big rain storm.

Three Steps to Solving Your Wet Basement Problems

Look in the basement and try to determine what wall or walls the water is entering in from. There is usually some evidence of some sort, stains or wet marks on the walls or floor.

Once you have determined which wall is leaking then try to determine if the water entered from the top, middle or bottom of the wall . If it is puddling in the middle of the room, it probably came in from one wall and then flowed along the concrete floor and settled in the lowest spot, forming the puddle.

Go outside and look at the walls you’ve determined were leaking and see what the area along the foundation has in front of it, as this is the ROOT of the problem. See if the area is made up of decorative landscape rock, mulch, grass or soil, concrete.

You now know where the water is entering your home from and you need to have someone with the expertise and knowledge of dealing with wet basements.

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