Wet BasementsThe key to finding out how to stop your wet basement is understanding HOW the water is getting in. Before you call a Minneapolis Waterproofing Company, take a few minutes to walk around the basement and identify the specific areas that you know get wet.

If it is dry at the current time look for discolored walls with crusty white hard water deposits closer to the floor, especially in the corners. Moldy, musty carpet and wall framing are more signs of water seepage. Many times cracks in the foundation walls can be seen if the basement is unfinished.

Now go outside the home and look around the perimeter of the house, 6 foot out. Examine the way the water is draining. A clue to remember is that the water will ALWAYS flow downhill.

Questions To Ask

Now, do you find any areas in the landscape beds that don’t drain correctly?

Don’t let it fool you, decorative rock or mulch can hide the fact that the soil below tips backward towards the house.

  • Are concrete sidewalks and other paved surfaces broken, cracked and tipping the wrong way?
  • Is the problem further out in the yard?
  • A large tree mounded up at the base?
  • Maybe an area that’s too high and forces water back towards the house?
  • The retaining wall on the property line that’s too close to the foundation wall?

AAA Reick’s Landscape and Waterproofing is a local company that specializes in fixing these issues from outside the home, at the ROOT of the problem without tearing up your basement. We try to stop the water BEFORE it comes into your house. Other companies let the water come in. then pump it out. If that interior drain tile system fails for any reason, your basement may be soaked again!

We are a local, family owned business. Licensed, Bonded and Insured and can help you stop water from entering your basement!

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