Basement Waterproofing in the Minneapolis area is in high demand. With the warmer weather the record snow pack is melting and many basements are flooding. Soaking carpets, drywall and anything else in the lower level of the home. This kind of damage is always expensive and can lead to other problems like black mold.

Dangers like black mold can grow in the moist environment like a wet basement and can cause respiratory and other health issues. This is a very dangerous problem to have and should be taken seriously. If mold is found, it should be determined what type of mold you are dealing with and professional help maybe needed.

Exterior Drain Tile System

Fixing a leaking basement is best done from the exterior of the home, where the problem originated. Start with a inspection of the perimeter around the outside of your home, where the foundation wall meets the soil. This area is often, but not always, landscaped with some decorative rock or mulch, but could also be grass or soil. It may be necessary to move some of the rock or mulch to see the problem area because they are often hidden by these landscape materials.

Once the problem area is located, it can be dealt with from the outside by building up with compactable soils along the foundation walls for proper drainage away from the home and basement. It may be necessary to install window wells prior to adding compactable soils.

Exterior Drain Tile is also a very good tool to help deal with the water issues from the outside of the home. Many different types are use by professionals depending on the situation.

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