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At AAA Reick’s Landscaping and Waterproofing, we are experts in basement waterproofing in Eden Prairie, MN. We are dedicated to keeping your home safe from water-related issues. Our team uses a proactive approach to tackle the problem at its source. This means we focus on preventing water infiltration rather than just managing it.

Our process involves inspecting your foundation for potential vulnerabilities. By excavating the soil around your foundation, we can identify any cracks or gaps that might allow water seepage. Once these areas are identified, our team seals them using high-quality materials such as specialized membranes and sealants.

By reinforcing your foundation, we prevent water from entering your basement. This is crucial because moisture can lead to structural damage over time. Cracks in the walls or shifting of the structure can occur if water continues to infiltrate your property unchecked.

But our services go beyond protecting the structural integrity of your home. We also aim to reduce humidity levels in basements notorious for fostering mold and mildew growth. These fungi not only create unpleasant odors but can also pose health risks for you and your family.

Further, our service helps protect valuable belongings stored in basements from potential water damage—whether they be cherished memories or invaluable documents—and preserves additional living spaces against possible destruction caused by flooding or leaks.

Lastly, installing exterior basement waterproofing helps maintain property value by preventing structural instability or mold growth, which could deter potential buyers when selling a home. We understand how important it is for homeowners in Eden Prairie to protect their homes while preserving their investment’s worth; hence our commitment towards offering top-notch waterproofing solutions tailored specifically for each unique situation clients encounter in this area!

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Eden Prairie is 12 miles southwest of downtown Minneapolis in Hennepin County and the 16th-largest city in Minnesota, United States. At the 2020 census, it had a population of 64,198.

ZIP codes55344, 55346, 55347

Elevation886 ft (270 m)

Basement Waterproofing FAQ

Q: Do you do basement waterproofing in Eden Prairie, MN?
A: We have many clients in and around Eden Prairie for basement waterproofing and landscaping.

Q: What is exterior basement waterproofing?
A: Exterior basement waterproofing is a process whereby a barrier is created between your foundation and groundwater to prevent water infiltration. This involves inspecting the foundation for vulnerabilities, sealing them with high-quality materials, and keeping your basement dry.

Q: Why do I need exterior basement waterproofing in Eden Prairie, MN?
A: Exterior basement waterproofing protects your home from structural damage caused by water seeping into the foundation. It also prevents mold and mildew growth due to high humidity levels in basements and safeguards valuable possessions stored in this area from potential water-related disasters.

Q: How does exterior basement waterproofing preserve my home’s value?
A: A wet basement can significantly depreciate the value of a property. By investing in exterior basement waterproofing, you not only protect your home but also maintain its appeal and market value, as potential buyers are wary of issues such as water damage, mold, and structural instability.

Q: Can AAA Reick’s Waterproofing handle any Eden Prairie, MN, residential basement?
A: Yes. AAA Reick’s Waterproofing has extensive experience handling different types of basements across Eden Prairie. Our team uses industry-proven techniques and quality materials to ensure maximum protection against water infiltration regardless of your specific kind of basement.

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