Leaky basement?Recently a summer rain dropped 3-5 inches of water across the Minneapolis and St. Paul Metro area causing drainage systems to be overwhelmed. Many homeowners discovered water on their basement walls or soaked carpeting or damaged flooring.

Is your sump pump system continually running? Have you noticed dampness or running water on your basement walls or foundation cracks?

This is a situation you do not want to ignore and hope it will go away. Prolonged problems can create very dangerous and costly problems such as black mold. If it got wet once, one thing is assured, it will happen again during the next storm.

It is best to call an expert who can analyze where the water is coming from and why it is infiltrating the home. Most problems are caused by poor lawn drainage or improper grading resulting in water infiltration around foundation walls. This is a sign you may need an effective drain tile system.

A call to AAA Reicks Landscaping & Waterproofing may be all you need to have these problems solved once and for all. With over 30 years solving Twin City dainage problems, we can quickly understand your situation and make a plan that may remedy your drainage issues.

AAA Reicks works on the exterior of your home and may save you thousands over interior solutions. Give us a call at  (612) 369-6626 or use our handy contact form 24/7 to get in touch.