Baseball, the aroma of grilling steak, and dreams of finding the perfect house. That’s the typical summer in Minneapolis/Saint Paul. Fun memories of special moments.

But around January we at AAA Reick’s waterproofing begin receiving plenty of calls from those who bought that perfect house. Or thought they did. Flooded basements turned that dream into a nightmare.

What A Wet Basement Will Cost You

According to Country Line, just the routine drying out of a wet basement costs between $500 to $1,000. That’s for each time it happens. And in Minneapolis/Saint Paul, it could happen a lot. For repairs, ranging from the floors to the walls, the cost per incident could reach $10,000.

Flood insurance isn’t in standard policies. To buy it could run $700 per year.

Signs That Basement Had Been Flooded

This is what to check out before you buy:

  • Basement walls. Are they discolored? Is there a white powdery whatever or a crusty shell from years of mineral buildup after water evaporated? Are there cracks or holes?
  • Musty odor. Water leaves that behind.
  • Black mold in dots or blobs. That’s also a health hazard.
  • Sump Pump. That’s a dead giveaway that there had been a water problem.

But Your Heart Is Set On The House

Minnesota real estate law requires sellers to disclose all “material facts” related to the buyers’ use and enjoyment of the property. A history of a wet or even moist basement should be among them. If it isn’t buyers should have the inspector zero in on that.

Okay, you find out there’s a basement problem but otherwise, the overall property is exactly the right fit for your family.

That’s where AAA Reick’s can make your dream happen, without regrets.

You have two options.

  • You can have the seller waterproof the basement as part of the closing terms and conditions. Yes, we can do the work. We can provide you with a written estimate to do the job right. And “right” means addressing the problem from the outside. Water flows into the basement. It usually does not rise up from beneath the basement floor. Installing a sump pump doesn’t waterproof your basement. All it does is drain the water after the flood.
  • Or, you can have us create a work order with an estimate for the waterproofing. You present that to the seller as part of the deal. After the closing we’ll make your basement a dry zone.

Forget Magical Thinking with A Wet Basement

Climate change is making flooding worse in Minneapolis/Saint Paul. In buying a house you can’t do what psychologists call “magical thinking,” that is believing that your basement will hold up, no matter what the weather is doing. An old house, older house, or even a new house has to be totally waterproofed to protect your investment, prevent sickness from mold, avoid spending thousands of dollars in clean-up fees, and ensure your peace of mind.

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