3 Basement Waterproofing Methods

Hidden Foundation Cracks

When I started my company, AAA Reick’s Landscaping and Waterproofing, I began to learn about the different basement waterproofing methods I wanted the best, most dependable mode of keeping a basement dry that would also be affordable for just about anyone who needs this service. Waterproofing Method #1 The first approach I investigated was a newer…

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Wet Basements And Snowmelt – Everything You Need To Know

Cracked Wall Sealed With Waterproofing Membrane

Snowmelt in the spring can cause huge problems for homeowners living in Minneapolis – St. Paul. Basements flood each year when the water from melting snow is trapped between your home and piles of snow around the house that has accumulated throughout the winter. The water comes in your home because the foundation walls have…

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Hidden Cracks and Holes Cause Twin City Wet Basements

Twin Cities Cracks and Holes

Are cracks and holes causing your wet basement? Homes all across the Twin Cities are susceptible to basement flooding with each torrential rain fall. A visit to the lower level of your home could surprise you with wet socks and an unpleasant musty, damp smell in the air. Maybe it’s just one small area in…

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Lawn Drainage and Exterior Basement Waterproofing: Savage MN

Lawn Drainage - Savage, MN

This recently sold home in Savage MN had lawn drainage problems along the back side of the home. The new owners went outside and looked back at the house and saw some obvious drainage issues. They wanted a local waterproofing company to help them keep it dry. They looked online and found AAA Reick’s Landscape…

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Exterior Basement Waterproofing Systems

Installing French Drain

There is no need to tear up the basement floor! We solve leaky basement and foundation problems by working outside the home. By using one or more of these systems, we prevent the water from entering your basement, then employ our landscape design skills to give it the aesthetic finishing touch suited to you. Grading…

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5 Problems that Cause Wet Basements

Drain tile preparation complete

A wet basement is a problem common to many Twin Cities homeowners. Poor gradient around the foundation of the home. Water drains toward home because of soil slopes the wrong way. Rock, mulch or other materials often hide how bad your problem really is. A low deck also disguises the problem Bad pavement. Concrete or…

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Common Sense Basement Waterproofing in the Twin Cities

Negative Slope Wet Basements

This home in Bloomington Minnesota, a suburb of Minneapolis had a leaky basement. After meeting with several other waterproofing contractors who wanted to tear up the basement to install an interior drain tile system costing $8,000 – $10,000.  Shocked at the high prices they were quoted, they wanted to know if there were another option.…

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Local Waterproofing Company Waterproofs Bloomington, MN Home

Trenching for drain pipe

The Basement Waterproofing Problem For years water had found its way into this beautiful home in Bloomington MN. Water seepage occurred after every thunderstorm and got the carpet wet smelling musty and dank. They wondered how long it takes before toxic mold would start to grow and decided enough was enough and it was finally…

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Is Your Well Room Wet And Musty?

Minneapolis Well Rooms

Well rooms are very small rooms found in the basement of older houses located in Minneapolis and surrounding suburbs. Many years ago they contain the well and pump that supplied water to the home, prior to city waters availability. They are usually located under a front or back step of the home.They have three walls…

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Affordable Wet Basement Solutions for Minneapolis – St. Paul

Affordable wet basement solutions for twin city area homeowners. Do you know the how helpless it feels to walk downstairs and discover that once again you have a wet basement? You know you have had a waterproofing contractor out to look at the problem. But their cost to install an interior drain tile system was…

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