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Is A Wet Basement Stopping The Sale Of Your Home

Wet Basement Problems

A wet basement in the home you are selling can be a sticking point for anyone wanting to sell the home in Minneapolis or ST. Paul. We receive many phone calls each year from home sellers who had their home up for sale when a giant rainstorm flooded the basement the night before a showing…

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Bloomington, MN’s Best Waterproofing Company

Bloomington, MN drain system

Where can you find Bloomington’s Best Waterproofing Company? When I first started my company in the 1980s I met an older gentleman who called and said I had done work for his neighbor. He liked what we had done next door and asked if I would be interested in looking at the drainage problems he had…

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Recent Rains Cause Wet Basements and Mold Growth

Cracks and holes sealed with membrane

I recently received a call from a distressed Twin Cities homeowner, Helpless and wet in Minneapolis, this is their story… Question: Every time it rains I end up with a wet basement. The storm we had the other night flooded my basement again. This has got to stop! Every time it rains I go downstairs…

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Waterproofing Companies Near Me – Twin Cities

Problem walway and step to be removed.

Looking for a waterproofing company near me? Be sure to shop local! I see a lot of signs around town that read, “1-800-wet-basem***….”. Personally, when I’ve found water in my basement I want to call a local company, someone who actually lives here and knows the community, cares for the people, and their homes. Someone…

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Best Basement Waterproofing Company In Minneapolis

Waterproofing sheet membrane

Minneapolis is a city where older houses are abundant. Many of these wonderful homes have a dark secret, a musty odor in the basement. Anytime one can smell “That Smell” it is more than likely some type of mold growing in their house. It may be in the carpet, sheetrock, plaster, wooden baseboards, wall framing…

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Local Company Solves Your Wet Basement From Outside The Box

Hand dug foundation perimeter

AAA Reick’s Waterproofing is a local company that solves wet basement problems outside of the box. The “box” is a hole in the basement floor that contains a sump pump. Millions of people depend on this system to keep their homes dry and safe but the reality of it all is that this system is…

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St. Paul’s Best Basement Waterproofing Company

St Paul excavated and primed work area

St. Paul neighborhoods are represented by many types of homes. Some are historic mansions on the bluffs and many more are homes like yours and mine. One thing they all have in common is an owner who would want a dry basement. Our basements are an important part of living space. It is often where…

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3 Basement Waterproofing Methods

Hidden Foundation Cracks

When I started my company, AAA Reick’s Landscaping and Waterproofing, I began to learn about the different basement waterproofing methods I wanted the best, most dependable mode of keeping a basement dry that would also be affordable for just about anyone who needs this service. Waterproofing Method #1 The first approach I investigated was a newer…

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Wet Basements And Snowmelt – Everything You Need To Know

Cracked Wall Sealed With Waterproofing Membrane

Snowmelt in the spring can cause huge problems for homeowners living in Minneapolis – St. Paul. Basements flood each year when the water from melting snow is trapped between your home and piles of snow around the house that has accumulated throughout the winter. The water comes in your home because the foundation walls have…

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