Water Features: Ponds, Waterfalls & Rain Gardens

Water Features - Rain Gardens - Ponds - Waterfalls
Ponds and water features are a great way to create a personal sanctuary to get away from the bustling life of Minneapolis. Ponds and water features are a nice way to incorporate sound into a garden. The soothing sound of running water with an interesting unique water based planting creates a great place to get away, relax and enjoy the outdoors. Ponds can range from very large to rather small depending on available space, it is a good idea to have a fountain of some sort to keep the water moving and fresh. If space is limited a great way to incorporate water and make the garden feel more formal is to add a reflecting pool, which is just a shallow structure that holds water that will reflect its surroundings.

Benefits of Ponds and Water Features

Incorporating a pond into the landscape is a wonderful way to make a property unique. Many people avoid ponds and water features because they sound like they are a lot of work; but they aren’t as much work as would be expected. There is a filter that takes care of the cleaning and rain will keep the pond full. It is necessary to drain at least some of the water in the winter so that when the water freezes it has someplace to expand to. A water feature is a little more complex depending on what you want. If there is a waterfall, you have to have a pump that moves the water from the basin at the bottom to the top of the fall. The water will then trickle down for a great auditory experience. These need to be drained for the winter, and the pump liner needs to be blown out so that no water will freeze and break the liner.

Ponds and Water Falls Add Personality to Any Landscape

When it comes to water features and ponds imagination and space constraints are the only limit. It is possible to have a pond either as large or as small as you want or that will be allowed. Keep in mind that sizes are directly related to the amount of time it will take to maintain your water feature. It will also determine how much it will cost and how large the filters and pumps will need to be. It is always best to keep it practical; this will make your water feature much more enjoyable.

The Peace and Tranquility of a Water Feature Is Only a Phone Call Away

Ponds and waterfalls add a unique element to any Minneapolis landscape, incorporating an auditory element creating a full sensory experience in your yard. If you live in the Minneapolis area; don’t hesitate to call our North Metro number at 612-369-6626 or the South Metro at and let us help you create the retaining wall you need.

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