Minneapolis Basement Waterproofing by AAA Reicks Waterproofing - BeforeEvery spring we get calls from Minneapolis homeowners with one common problem… A wet basement! The combination of Spring rains and ground settling around the foundation is the cause for concern for many Twin City area residents.

Teddie, a south side  Minneapolis resident was one such person. After a good rain, had noticed water puddling up in his basement. After a quick search online, Teddie found AAA Reicks Landscaping and Waterproofing and filled out a form for a free no-obligation estimate to solve his wet basement problems. Tony Reick, owner of the business came out and inspected the problem. Right away we noticed the soil sloped back towards the foundation wall causing water from the roof to end up in the downstairs of the home.

Tony observed that an interior gutter and pump system would not be needed and proposed an exterior drain tile system to cure the moisture issues. Teddie agreed and work was scheduled.

Minneapolis Basement Waterproofing by AAA Reicks Waterproofing - AfterFirst we cleared the side of the home down to the ground. Next a load of compactable soil was used to build up the grade along foundation wall and a sloping trough was excavated at the outer edge along the natural stone edging for a french drain. A solid barrier was carefully laid over the entire work area and cut to size. Perforated drain tile  with a fabric sleeve was placed at the bottom of the trough to carry water from the leak areas to drain safely away.  Decorative rock was added with a stone edging to help moisture to drain quickly away

The entire job was done by hand and took one day to complete to end Teddie’s wet basement problem forever.

If you live in the Minneapolis Metro and have a water problem  that is causing your basement to leak, give Tony a call at 612-369-6626 or use the online form 24 hours a day and have Tony get in contact with you to solve your leaky basement problems.