The Basement Waterproofing Problem

Trenching for drain pipeFor years water had found its way into this beautiful home in Bloomington MN. Water seepage occurred after every thunderstorm and got the carpet wet smelling musty and dank. They wondered how long it takes before toxic mold would start to grow and decided enough was enough and it was finally time to call local waterproofing contractor to see if they could get the basement flooding stopped for good.

They looked online and found several waterproofing companies but one stood out from the rest, AAA Reick’s Landscape And Waterproofing, they try to find THE SOURCE of the leak and then fix it from outside the home by targeting the specific area.

Upon inspection of the home, we found that the area right next to the foundation had settled and water was unable to drain properly away from the foundation walls. It was hard for the homeowner to see how bad the grade was because the old decorative landscape rock was so deep that it disguised the problem. The existing window wells had been set too low, making it hard to add enough soil to achieve a proper grade away and the yard was flat with no good place to drain the water. But with over 30 years experience AAA Reick’s knew just what to look for and identified the root of the problem.

Waterproofing Solution

They did not need an interior sump pump system. Their issues were solved from outside by removing the old rock, poly and edging next to the house. Then we used decorative concrete block to raise the height of the window wells. Soil was added, sloped and compacted to prevent future settling. A trough was excavated for the exterior drain tile system and double checked to assure correct drainage. The drain tile was installed along the problem area and exiting to a run off swale on the side yard. We finished the project off by installing the poly water barrier and new decorative rock.