Local Drainage Specialist Solves Water Problem In St. Paul Neighborhood

Catch BasinWe received a call from a customer who we had done an exterior basement waterproofing job for the year before who said ” I want to thank you for the work your company has done, we have had no moisture in the basement since. But now there is a different issue. Water collects in an area of the back yard around a walkway each heavy rainfall. I can’t walk from my house to the garage without getting my shoes wet.

Tony Reick went to do an evaluation of the situation and found that the original concrete sidewalk had settled over time and sat too low, causing water to pool and taking days to soak in. Tony determined that a new permeable paver walkway would fix the drainage issues and keep his shoes dry.

How Did You Solve The Water Drainage Problems?

We started by marking the lines to define the work area. Then we removed the old walkway and excavated the soil deep enough to hold a good amount of base rock, so the drainage system will flow properly. Then we compacted the area with a vibrating plate compactor to prevent future setting of the new walkway. A trench was formed to carry water from the new walkway to the catch basin drainage station.

The proper elevations were set and we installed the drain tile system that carries the water away from the problem area. A large catch basin was placed in the drain pit and connected to the drain tile system. We put in the correct amount of base rock and run the compactor over the area again. The specially designed permeable pavers were cut and laid to fit and the paver edge was placed. Once again the area was compacted and we finished the work with top soil and premium lawn seed

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