Lawn Drainage and Exterior Basement Waterproofing: Savage MN

This recently sold home in Savage MN had lawn drainage problems along the back side of the home. The new owners went outside and looked back at the house and saw some obvious drainage issues. They wanted a local waterproofing company to help them keep it dry.

They looked online and found AAA Reick's Landscape and Waterproofing is a family owned, local business with over 25 years of serving the south metro area. They had a long list of testimonials of helping people with problems just like theirs. They knew they found a company they could work with and solve their drainage problems.

Tony Reick, from AAA Reick's, showed up right on time and quickly analyzed multiple problems. First, the old concrete patio had settled and now was tipping back towards the home. It was beyond repair and had to go.

There also was a negative grade close to the foundation wall that sloped back to home and back walk-out door. Further out in the yard the ground was uneven and too high in some spots and needed some re-grading on a little larger scale.

To fix to water problems the patio was carefully removed and hauled away. The negative grade was cured by bringing in compactable soil and using the soil to build up a proper slope close to the foundation base. An exterior drain tile system known as a French Drain was installed to carry water out to a safe area. A Bobcat was used grade the yard further out and keep the water draining deeper into the yard.

The finished landscaping was completed by installing black dirt to assure the fresh new sod would grow fine, landscape edging, poly water and weed barrier for moisture and weed protection and decorative rock along the back foundation area.

If you are experiencing lawn drainage issues or a wet basement. Call AAA Reick's Landscape And Waterproofing today. We can fix your drainage issues and waterproof your home from outside without the mess!

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