Landscaping, Lawn Drainage & Water Control in Bloomington, MN

Landscaping with proper drainage is the key to controlling excess water from heavy rains or snow melt. The Housing and Redevelopment Authority in the City of Bloomington, MN, a Minneapolis suburb, had a property in need with a drainage problem.

The HRA called upon AAA Reick's Landscaping and Waterproofing for a basement waterproofing solution. They needed three competitive bids for landscaping and water control for a home they owned.

These older homes often have a wet basements after heavy rains. After comparing the design and pricing provided by the contractors, they selected AAA Reick's Landscaping and Waterproofing for their project.

Problem Landscape Drainage Areas

The home needed curb appeal, and the city knew it was important that they kept the neighborhood looking respectable. Bushes, rock and all other landscaping materials were in tough shape and needed restoration. One window well was too low and needed some extra height. Now was also a great time for exterior waterproofing by regrading around the home's foundation for proper drainage away from the basement walls.

How did you solve the drainage problem?

Our work areas were cleared of edging, weed barriers and other unwanted materials. We built a well-ring with a small block and installed compactible soil to the planting beds with a good slope towards the street.

Next, colorful shrubs and bushes were evenly spaced and installed according to the landscape design. New edging, weed barrier, and a multicolored river to the rock beds were nice. Last, we spread fresh, top soil and premium grass seed to the border areas.


  • 5 Yards of compactable soil
  • Weed barrier
  • 40 Feet landscape edging
  • 4 Ton River rock
  • 6 Small well block
  • premium grass seed
  • 1 Fire Ball Burning Bush
  • 3 Tauton Yews
  • 1 Slowmound Mugho Pine

Homeowner's Comments

The neighbors thanked us, said it looked great and added a spark to the neighborhood!