Jason & Craig had a landscape problem with the entry area of their Bloomington, Minnesota home. So they called landscape contractor, Tony Reick of AAA Reick’s Landscaping and Waterproofing to have a look Tony has worked with them for the past seven years with their landscape needs.

The current landscaping was there when they moved in and was old and outdated and needed curb appeal. Tony got to work and devised a plan to gave the entry way a makeover and a boost in curb appeal.

Landscape Problem Areas

The shrubs and bushes were overgrown and blocking the view of the brick exterior. There was a lack of color and the rock bed was showing weeds and bare spots where the weed barrier was exposed.

Landscaping Solutions

Restoration of the landscaping was achieved by creating a new design on paper and after getting an O.K  on the plan.  It all started by removing the existing material and starting from a clean slate. Black dirt was installed with a proper grade away from the home.

The new plantings where placed according to the design. Next we lay down the weed barrier between the plants. To finish the project new decorative rock was spread evenly over the planting bed and the final task of cleaning up and hauling away of debris.

Landscape Plantings and Materials

  • 1 yard black dirt
  • Poly water and weed barrier
  • 4 ton Red limestone decorative rock
  • 1 Dwarf Korean Lilac bush
  • 1 PJM Rhododendron
  • 2 Miscanthus Flame Grass
  • 3 Burgandy Red Astilbe
  • 3 Visions in red Astilbe
  • 1 Candy lights Azalea
  • 3 Sea of Gold Juniper
  • 1 Slowmound Mugho Pine

The homeowner’s were very pleased with the outcome of their landscaping and are enjoying the new area.

If you are in need of a reliable landscape contractor in Bloomington, MN or Twin Cities area, give Tony a call at (612) 369-6626 or use or online form 24 hours a day.