Are cracks and holes causing your wet basement?

Homes all across the Twin Cities are susceptible to basement flooding with each torrential rain fall. A visit to the lower level of your home could surprise you with wet socks and an unpleasant musty, damp smell in the air. Maybe it’s just one small area in a corner, the floor under a window or the whole basement look like a swimming pool!

This unnecessary scene plays it’s self out countless times, mostly to older homes. There are dependable methods of achieving a safe, dry basement. Many Minneapolis and St. Paul waterproofing contractors will want to break tear up your basement floor to install a sump pump system, telling you “Your home is built on a high water table.”  Quite often this is not the case, and


THE ACTUAL CAUSE could be holes and cracks that have formed in your foundation walls can allow water seepage in your basement. These issues can often be corrected from outside the home without tearing up the yard and making a mess of your landscaping.

AAA Reick’s Landscape And Waterproofing stands out from all the rest as one of the best exterior waterproofing companies in Minnesota. We often have ways of identifying the where the holes and cracks may be located and engineer a solution to fixing them without making a mess inside your home, and often for a fraction of their prices.

We repair wet basement using some of the following proven methods

  • GENTLY EXCAVATING to expose holes and cracks with as little disturbance as possible.
  • Sealing hole and cracks with hydraulic cement.
  • Waterproofing sheet membranes to cover exterior foundation walls.
  • Exterior drain tile systems and French drains.
  • Re-Grading around the foundation of the home for proper drainage.

Call AAA Reick’s Landscape And Waterproofing today. We can fix your cracks and holes and waterproof your home from outside without the mess!

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