Newly Purchased Home Has A Wet Basement

Help! My Newly Purchased Home Has A Wet Basement!

So you just bought a home a few months ago and now wakeup to the first thunderstorm of the season. You start to think about spring flowers, green grass, singing birds. The smell of fresh-brewed filling the air. Suddenly, a loud scream is heard.


It turns out the sellers that sold you your new home "forgot" to disclose that they had a water problem and now the lower level is soaked. The carpet and carpet pad are like a sponge. All the boxes of clothes you had on the floor in the storage room are wet and soaking up more moisture by the second. Two window wells have filled halfway up with water and it's streaming down the wall and onto the floor. Worst of all there is a really bad smell coming from this water!

The only thing you can do now is to try out that new wet/dry vac and hope it can handle all that water.  Its time to start dumping bucket after bucket into the laundry tub until you hear the rain finally stop. The water keeps draining in for several more hours and you take a break to go upstairs and try to figure out what to do next.

Maybe now is a great time to call a good lawyer, your realtor, your dad, your handy uncle, and the people you bought the house from? Definitely, you will want to call a reliable basement waterproofing specialist to figure out how the water is getting in and a dependable way to keep it from ever happening again.

If this story sounds familiar I do have some great news for you. There is a company based here in the Twin Cities that specializes in just the kind of basement waterproofing you'll need. They have been in business for over 30 years and have thousands of satisfied customers all across Minneapolis and St. Paul.

The name of this company is AAA Reick's Landscaping and waterproofing L.L.C. They can often pinpoint where and why the water gains entry into your home. A well-trained inspector will diagnose your waterproofing needs and provide you with a clear and concise proposal to alleviate drainage issues.

AAA Reick's uses the latest techniques and products to solve hard to fix situations. Here are some of the methods and materials used:

  • Install an professional exterior drain tile waterproofing system.
  • Repair foundation walls, cracks, and holes with mortar and sheet membrane.
  • Regrade the yard and fix problem window wells.
  • Many other water systems.

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