Help! I Have Water In The Basement!

Help! I have water in the basement! This Woodbury, MN resident has a common complaint for many Twin City area homeowners. The winter thaw and spring rains of Minnesota brings it's share of wet and flooded basements.

After a search online and a little research, Anthony Reick of AAA Reick's Landscaping and Waterproofing was called. Tony, has been solving water in the basement problems in the Minneapolis - St. Paul Metro for over 25 years.

Lawn Drainage Problem Areas

This home had a low spot next to the house that was always wet. There was another area by the gutter downspout that caused water to enter and get the floors and exterior wall wet. This problem was the result of poor grading around the exterior of the home.

The low, wet area on the side needed a place to drain the excess water to. The area under the gutter was inspected and found to have a crack and a 4 inch hole that caused the wet basement.

Solving The Wet Basement Problem

The street was at a lower than the wet spot on the side of the house. A French Drain was installed to bring the moisture down hill in that that direction.

The hole and crack were filled with hydraulic cement and covered with a double layer of waterproofing membrane. The entire area was regraded for proper drainage and finished with a water barrier and decorative rock.

Matereials To Solve A Drainage Problem

  • 1/2 Yard compactible soil
  • 25 Feet edging
  • water & weed barrier
  • 100 Feet drain tile
  • 2 Ton river rock
  • Professional Waterproofing Membrane

This home remains dry and the owner is well pleased! If you are having lawn drainage problems, call AAA Reick's Landscaping & Waterproofing today at (612) 369-6626 or use our water in the basement quote request form 24/7.