From Drought to Flood – AAA Reick’s Connects the Dots

“Tony, will this drought get much worse?”

It may seem odd that the owner of the family waterproofing business – AAA Reick’s - would be asked about the current drought. After all, it’s assumed that my business is providing solutions for preventing wet basements.

But, actually, the question fits right in with what our mission has become during climate change. That’s to help out with how climate change is impacting the Minneapolis/Saint Paul region. We're here to connect the dots for you.

A Drought Is A Good Time To Start Outwitting Climate Change

“Crazy weather.”

That’s what you tell us at AAA Reick’s. We agree. But you can prevent it from destroying your real estate values and robbing you of peace of mind.

That starts right during the drought. There could be things you shouldn’t be doing. We can parachute in and take a look.

With water restrictions, for example, you might be retrofitting your landscape in a way to cause water to head toward your property. Not away from it. When the rains and runoff from the snow come that water soaked up by the landscape can seep through the holes and cracks in your foundation and drain in your basement. At the least, you get moisture. At the worst, there’s a flood.

What We At AAA Reick Have Figured Out For You

Here’s more of what we know. Dry and hot in summer can produce extreme precipitation in fall/winter. That’s predictable even amid the wild unpredictability of climate change. The good news is that you can head off the floods in the basement that are becoming more and more common in the Minneapolis/Saint Paul region.

Think of it this way: You can have a waterproofing system that simulates the miracle of Noah’s Ark. And, unlike the old-fashioned Sump Pump approach – bail the water out after the flood – it prevents the mess from happening in the first place.

Here’s How It Play Out (from the outside)

“Water came up from the floor of the basement.”

We at AAA Reick’s hear that all the time. That’s rare. Here’s how it really plays out: The water deluge starts from the outside. It will enter your basement if your drainage systems don’t direct it away from your property. Typical is the downpour which travels from your rooftop toward your house. It makes its path through your foundation’s cracks/holes, window wells, erosion of your basement exterior, and lawn grading. The latter might have started with drought-watering measures.

You probably don’t see all this. We do. It’s our business to find the problem spots. They could be 2-inch openings in the foundation. We seal them. We apply a waterproofing sheet membrane. Then finish off with just the right regraded workspace.

And we do all the rest necessary to keep your basement dry.

Timing Is Everything for Basement Waterproofing

To manage climate change means being proactive. The time is now to assess what to do during the drought and must be done before the carnage of a Minneapolis/Saint Paul Fall/Winter. You owe it to yourself to contact AAA Reick’s for comprehensive evaluation – 612-369-6626.

CALL RIGHT NOW and we can get you started on a dry basement TODAY.

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