A French Drain provided the exact solution this home in Minneapolis needed. After each big rainfall, they had a damp, wet basement. Moisture was coming in somehow and they called us hoping we could diagnose their problem and come up with an affordable solution.

Basement Waterproofing Problem Areas

The main area of concern was the side of the home. It had a poor grade and water was not draining away from the foundation wall as it should. We also had a chimney and 2 low windows to work with on this side and luckily, a fair amount of room to work. Many homes in these neighborhoods don’t have much room between the homes and that can sometimes limit how far one can extend the grade out.

Basement Waterproofing Solution: French Drain

We waterproofed the basement by installing an exterior drain tile system commonly known as a French Drain by digging a trench that sloped toward the street and installed perforated drain tile and river rock. We also excavated and sealed cracks in the foundation wall to prevent leakage, built block window wells high enough so we could add compactable soil to a proper height.

When we were finished, the homeowner had a method that will drain water away from the home and into the drain tile system catching runoff water and sending it where it could exit safely away from the home and keeping the basement dry.

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