Finding The Right Basement Waterproofing Company

Every home is built differently and finding the correct fit when it comes to choosing the best waterproofing company is actually easier than it may seem. Knowing the facts can make all the difference you will need to make the logical choice.

Where Does The Water In Your Basement Come From?

If you really think about it the water comes from outside. If you think about it the water always starts on the outside, usually as rain from a storm and then enters your basement somehow. A large percentage comes from the roofline after heavy rain the water pours off and will start to pool next to the home in the problem areas.

The pooling water rests against your foundation walls looking for a way into your home. Because the majority of these problem homes are older, they will have openings into the wall cavities by way of cracks and holes that have formed through settling and mortar deterioration.

Hint: It's Not Groundwater!

Many people I meet with think the water is getting in because of existing groundwater and they need an internal sump pump system. They believe that their home was built on a high water table and when heavy rains happen this water table rises up and floods the basement from the bottom upward. But this is not likely the case, it happens but is rare.

In most cases, a sump pump system is not needed. Often we suggest stopping the water from where it originates, outside the home. An exterior waterproofing system will stop the problem from outside before it gets in.

The Only Intelligent Waterproofing Solution

Our Company AAA Reick’s Waterproofing will inspect your property for lawn grading issues that won’t allow your surface water to shed away from problem areas and also inspect the perimeter of your foundation walls for any visible cracks or holes in the problem area. Often these cracks can be as deep as 2’, sometimes more. We seal these breeches with a quality mortar and then apply a waterproofing sheet membrane over the problem area and finish with a properly regraded workspace.

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