Our job as a Minnesota Landscape Contractor, at this home in Edina, Minnesota was the restoration of the wild and wooded area located at the far back edge of the property and transform it into a space that was under control but still natural and define the boarder with landscaping.

Problem Landscape Areas

There were a lot of small scrub trees and weeds creeping into the lawn and it was hard to tell where the yard ended and the woods started. There also was a spot in need of black dirt and sod repair

Landscape Problems Solved

To get started we had to work around the existing plantings, trees, bushes, shrubs, and flowering perennials so we did the yard work by hand. Using rakes, wheelbarrows and shovels, we got started by removing any unwanted materials from the area to be landscaped. Next we leveled the working surface and reshaped the boarder to make it easy for mowing. Then we professionally installed landscape edging, decorative Red Cedar mulch, top soil, fresh sod and stepping stones to a work area.

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