Does Your Home Have A Water Virus?

*** The Waterproofing Doctors Can Help!

Have you been diagnosed with a wet basement and don’t know who to call? The trained water doctors at AAA Reicks Landscape & Waterproofing have the remedy to solve your wet basement ailment.

Waterproofing & Lawn Drainage House Calls

We will make a “House call” Call AAA Reick’s and we will set a time to make a house call by a knowledgeable professional who can assess your home’s condition by identifying the underlying issues that cause your wet basement and develop a comprehensive cure by inspecting the problem areas inside and outside of your home.

Get a Dry Basement Prescription

We will give you a written prescription based on our diagnosis that can bring your home back to a dry, healthy lifestyle.

The Leaky Basement Cure

Once you’ve been diagnosed and have a prescription our team of doctors can start you on the road to recovery. The cure will more than likely be the following.

Excavate alongside the foundation wall in the problem areas, clean the wall off to find any cracks or holes that have formed in the wall or gaps between blocks where the original mortar has deteriorated and fallen out. We need to seal the cracks and holes in your foundation wall that serve as an entry point for water. Sealing these openings is important to stop your basement from leaking.

High-quality materials are used as needed to seal your basement.

  • Professional-grade wall repair mortar
  • Flexible sheet membrane coverings
  • Exterior drain tile systems
  • Compactable soils
    • (used to re-grade for proper drainage away from the problem areas that have sunk low over time and allow standing water.)

Before excavating some homes may need adjustments to paved surfaces like concrete walkways, driveway, and patio areas. They can sink or crack over time allowing water to drain the wrong way and settle near the problem area. Sometimes the pavement will need to be partially removed by using a concrete saw to cut out any problem sections or completely remove the paved area. Once it has been removed we now can access that area to excavate and seal.

After the walls are mortared and sealed tight, the trench will be filled in and compacted using hand tampers or gas-powered plate compactor. Getting the trench packed in properly is important to make sure that there is no settling after the work is completed.

Next, we add compactable soil along the foundation to create a slope away from the problem areas. The newly graded will be sloped gradually towards the yard in order for the water to drain into the lawn or landscape area where it can soak in naturally, and away from the home.

Contact AAA Reick’s TODAY and set a time for a “House Call”, in most cases we can diagnose and cure your wet basement in a very short time!

*** We are not real doctors and have no medical training but,
we do know A LOT about Waterproofing!

CALL RIGHT NOW and we can get you started on a dry basement TODAY.

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