Negative Slope Wet BasementsThis home in Bloomington Minnesota, a suburb of Minneapolis had a leaky basement. After meeting with several other waterproofing contractors who wanted to tear up the basement to install an interior drain tile system costing $8,000 – $10,000.  Shocked at the high prices they were quoted, they wanted to know if there were another option.

Common sense was telling them that the problem was because of poor drainage around the outside foundation of the house.

They did a Google search for ” Exterior Basement Waterproofing Bloomington MN ” and found one of Minnesota’s finest waterproofing contractors, AAA Reick”S Landscape And Waterproofing. They came out an found the water leak was caused by a broken slab of concrete that tilted back towards the house, leading to water seepage under the front step. Water also penetrated the foundation wall along the front. Because of a negative grade next to the home, water was running back towards the house and into the basement.

Common Sense Basement Waterproofing Solutions

The problems were solved by removing the bad concrete and then excavating and sealing the cracks in the foundation wall with a sheet membrane. The front yard and landscape area were carefully removed and re-graded. A transit was used to set the proper elevations to assure the water would drain away properly, this is key to a dry basement.

A new slab of concrete was poured and sloped properly away from the problem area. New decorative rock, poly, and edging were installed. the plantings were replanted in their original spot and the yard was seeded with premium lawn mix.

I’m originally from Bloomington and do a lot of work there. I have stopped by this home and found the work we did is looking and functioning very well. They have had a dry basement and a beautiful yard!

Follow Your Common Sense And Make The Smart Choice!

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