We Fix Problem Landscapes in the Minneapolis, Minnesota Area!

I am often called out to solve landscape problems that many Minnesota homeowners are experiencing. The conversation often starts like this:

Tony, we had (insert company name) install our landscape last year. They gave us the lowest price and were done in a few hours. Now we are experiencing all sots of problems. Can you help us out?

The most common things to go wrong with your Minnesota landscaping are :

1. Weeds growing in and around the rock, plants and mulch areas.

2. Landscape edging the has popped up out of the ground or sunk down to low.

3. Large overgrown plants that no longer accent the house, but HIDE it.

4. Bad hardscape – The sagging and warping of retaining walls, paver patios and walkways.

5. A poor design plan followed by poor installation of landscaping materials.

AAAReick’s Landscaping can help with all of these common problems. Our local company services the Minneapolis – St. Paul area with the design of  beautiful landscapes and installation of quality products from people who really care. One on one service from the owner Tony Reick assures that you will by satisfied with your project from start to finish.

CALL TONY SOON! Set an appointment today that will transform you yard into a outdoor living space tomorrow