Twin Cities Landscaping by AAA Reick's LandscapersAdding color to your Twin Cities’ home is easy if your using the right plants in the right places. Beautiful combinations of flowering bushes, colorful perennials and ever blooming annuals can make a stunning effect to your landscaping. The choices you make in shady areas, sunny areas and mixed locations make a big difference!

Shady areas need special plants that thrive in these locations. Landscape contractors use Hosta, Hydrangea, and Pulmonaria as some colorful choices that will return each year in our colder climate. Annuals such as Impatience, Coleus, and Polka dot plants are low maintenance choices that will die at the end of each season.

Sunny areas are great locations for evergreens, Spireas, and weigelas. they do best in the full sun. Add all season landscape color to your boarder gardens with annuals like Alyssum, Snapdragons and Petunias.

Mixed sun and shade locations need plants like, Arbrovitae, dogwoods and Rhododendrons. These plants offer a nice variations in colors and a good mix of evergreens and leafy textures.

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