Climate Change, Snow, and Wet Basements

repaired holes and cracks

Climate change in Minneapolis/St. Paul has meant snow. Lots more of it than usual. When that starts to melt, the region experiences an epidemic of wet basements. The problem is the flow of surface water. You have been calling us at AAA Reick’s Waterproofing to “bail you out.”

Well, the good news is this: You only have to make that call once. With our unique approach to waterproofing, you’ll have a dry basement. And it will stay dry no matter how severe climate change gets.

Wet Basements: Moisture Is the Enemy

No, you can’t hope for the best if your basement is starting to hold water, even just a little bit. Moisture creates a breeding ground for black mold. That can be downright life-threatening. In addition, trapped water can erode structural items such as sheetrock and insulation. Anticipate also a musty odor.

That Surface Water Heads Toward Your Basement

The weather warms up after a hard Minneapolis/St. Pau winter. Not only does the snowmelt but there are heavier than usual rainfalls, thanks to climate change. All that generates surface water. It comes from the roof. It comes from the yard. It comes from holes and cracks in the foundation walls. It even comes from window wells. The flow is into your basement. That is because that water isn’t draining away from your house. In addition, climate change has made wet basements the new “problem as usual.”

The Reset of the Lawn Drainage Pattern

What we at AAA Reick's do is identify the vulnerable areas around the house where the water is entering and where it is headed. Then we design the most comprehensive but cost-efficient methods to reset that drainage pattern. It might have to be redirected away from the house. In addition, we might excavate parts of the foundation to locate cracks and holes and then seal them.

Roots of Your Problem Are Outside, Not Inside, Your Basement

Rarely does the water flow beneath your basement floor and rise up. The source of the moisture and eventual flooding is on the outside of your basement. That’s why our approach at AAA Reick is, to begin with, the systems on the outside. The roots of your problem are there. And it is there that you take the first steps toward the prevention of a wet basement.

Yes, you probably have heard of breaking up the basement floor and installing a sump pump system. However, that only winds up catching up with the water after it already has entered your basement. If that interior fix fails you could be back in the pickle: a wet basement.

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