Minneapolis Waterproofing: Choosing a Drain Tile System

Every year thousands of homeowners throughout the Minneapolis Metro area are affected by heavy rains that cause a variety of water related problems. One way many professionals deal with this of issue is to install a drain tile system.

Drain Tile Systems for Flood Prevention in the Minneapolis Metro

Exterior Drain Tile SystemMost people are familiar with the term “drain tile system” but don’t know how many different types of systems there are to choose from. It is important to evaluate your particular problem correctly and then move forward to a solution.

Is the water you want to control going into your basement and soaking the floor?

Getting into the garage and causing the concrete to deteriorate?

Or maybe pooling in the back yard and limiting the functional use of space for you and your family?

Some homes only have a problem after really big rain storms and others basements may leak with the smallest amount of precipitation.

Minneapolis Basement Waterproofing

If it’s your basement that get flooded, we suggest a exterior drain tile system. This attacks your water issues at the “root of your problem.” Using perforated drain tile with a sleeve will allow water to enter in from all sides and should be large enough to accommodate all the water that will need to pass through the system. The water should drain at a downward slope steep enough to keep the water moving out and away from the problem area.

Minneapolis Garage Waterproofing

Water that drains down a driveway, back towards the garage, can enter from under the big door and pool on the concrete floor at the lowest settling point. This type of leak is best dealt with by using a channel drain to intercept the water before it can enter under the door. Channel drains are designed perfectly to drain water out of paved areas. Below ground garage stalls can have other issues and leak due to poor grading around the outer perimeter of the foundation wall. This can be remedied by raising the grade and using exterior drain tile.

Minneapolis Yard Flood Prevention

Pooling water that collects in the open areas of the yard are often drained using a French drain system. We dig a trough leading downhill through the lowest area and layer the trough with perforated drain tile, river rock, fabric, soil and sod or seed.

If your home is in the Minneapolis Metro area and you are experiencing water problems in your basement, garage or yard, call Tony Reick for a free consultation.

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