Kathy, like many Burnsville, MN homeowners,  had a wet leaky basement and wanted to solve her waterproofing problems. Like many Twin Cities homeowners, Kathy’s leaky basement was a symptom to the real problem.

Kathy googled “Minneapolis Basement Waterproofing”  in search of a cure for wet damp leaky basements. After checking out several  basement waterproofing websites she was confused. She didn’t understand why anyone would  want to cut up their concrete basement floor and put what amounted to an interior gutter system. That method  only hid the problem and relied on a system of pumps to remove the water AFTER it had leaked in.

Then she found Tony Reick’s Minneapolis Waterproofing website and watched a short two-minute video that really made sense. She gave Tony a call and briefly explained her problem and made an appointment for a no cost home inspection.

Kathy’s home had a basement water leak near a wall located in the middle of the lower level, underneath the garage floor! It’s an odd place to get water in, but in 25 years of trouble shooting  Tony quickly found the problem, to Kathy’s leaky basement. A broken and settled garage apron had separated from the garage floor. Water was leaking in between the gaps and in under the garage slab floor and into the home.

It was obvious that a interior sump system would NOT be needed! Tony resolved the wet basement issue by removing the old asphalt apron and found the holes that created the problem. The areas were cleaned and the holes were patched. Next a sticky primer is used to prepare the surface and a waterproofing membrane was applied over the problem area. A base material was then compacted into place and a second waterproofing membrane was installed.  Sand, brick pavers and a polymeric sand finished off the work area.

Tony installed 50 sqf. waterproof membrane, 2 yards class-5 base material, 1/2 yard sand, 72 square feet of landscape brick pavers.

Kathy says,  “the basement has remained dry ever since Tony and his crew completed their work.”

If you live in Burnsville or the Minneapolis Metro and have a water problem  that is causing your basement to leak, give Tony a call at or use the online form 24 hours a day and have Tony get in contact with you to solve your leaky basement problems.