A Bloomington, MN homeowner needed basement waterproofing to solve her leaky basement problems. A wet, leaky basement is not only unsightly, it is a health hazard for many Minneapolis – St Paul area homeowners. providing the perfect breeding ground for black mold.

Gabrielle is typical of many of our clients, her basement needed waterproofing. Her floors and walls were getting wet each time it rained. Gabrielle had enough of the water leaking in for years. She called Reick’s Landscape and Waterproofing for help.

Owner, Tony Reick, came out to her home and inspected around the foundation perimeter and quickly found the source of the leak. The concrete slab that butted up to the exterior wall had settled and tipped backwards towards the house, guiding the water into her lower level of her home like a spillway.

Tony provided a carefully written estimate, detailing the work to be done and an exact price to do the job. Gabrielle agreed and the work was scheduled.

We first cut the concrete into manageable size pieces and carefully loaded them with a Bobcat into a dump truck to be hauled away. Then the foundation is carefully checked for any visible cracks or holes. None were found.

Four yards compactable soils and three one half tons of river rock were brought in and packed into place to create a proper slope away from the basement wall. A solid water barrier and exterior drain tile were installed.

The entire project was complete in one day. The workman arrived at 8 a.m. in the morning and drove away at 6 p.m. later that evening.

Gabrielle was very pleased with how we permanently solved her leaky basement problems. She especially liked the new lawn and plantings that were installed. The crew did a great job. Cleaned up the work area and got the sprinkler running for the fresh sod.

If your Bloomington, MN or Twin Cities area home is experiencing a wet leaky basement and you want to do the job the right way, give Tony Reick a call at : or use our online form to request at free estimate 24 hours a day.