Black Mold And Your Wet Basement, What You Need To Know

Is Black Mold A Problem In Your Twin Cities Home?

Every year thousands of homes in the Minneapolis and St. Paul area experience water seepage in the basement after heavy rains. These homes are more likely to have a mold problem than homes that maintain a dry basement.

Black mold grows in moist environments such as wet carpet and carpet pad, wall insulation, sheetrock or plaster, furniture, and even the wooden wall framing. Areas that get wet can remain moist for weeks between rainfalls and could increase your chances of a toxic mold problem.

Black mold can be a real health hazard. If you are breathing in the mold spores that are air born in your home they can make you feel as though you have allergies and you might feel like you're sick all the time and don't know why. There are May different side effects as there are may be several types of mold you're living with.

Toxic mold is not something to ignore. Many people encounter water in their basement at one time or another and don't do anything to stop the problem. Don't let another day go by without taking the easy step of calling one of Minneapolis and St. Paul's most dependable basement waterproofing companies.

Holes In Your Foundation Can Lead To Black Mold

These Problems Can Cause Black Mold

1. Cracks or holes in the foundation block. Some are visible from the surface and others are hidden below grade. Once the water enters the hollow foundation wall block it quickly travels downward and on to your basement floor.

2. Egress window wells can be a real problem, also smaller window wells and low windows at ground level too. Some can fill up with water or simply from entering the home around the window well area.

3. Areas sloping the wrong way, back towards the home! It may be a paved surface like a walkway or patio. Or the area immediately around the foundation has a poor grade.

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