Minneapolis is a city where older houses are abundant. Many of these wonderful homes have a dark secret, a musty odor in the basement. Anytime one can smell “That Smell” it is more than likely some type of mold growing in their house. It may be in the carpet, sheetrock, plaster, wooden baseboards, wall framing and even growing right there on the concrete block walls!

When you smell “That Smell” you’ll know it’s a wet basement and you need to call AAA Reick’s Waterproofing. They have over 30 years experience working with Minneapolis homes, turning wet basements into dry basements.

You won’t have to tear up your basement with AAA Reick’s! They work from outside your home, waterproofing the basements by digging by hand around the foundation with shovels and wheel barrels, fixing cracks and holes in the foundation walls by sealing them with high-quality materials such as permanent hydraulic cement patches, thick sheet membranes, exterior drain tile systems and compactable soils. Using this method they can stop most water intrusion BEFORE the water comes into your home, with very little disturbance to landscaping on most of their jobs.

AAA Reicks Landscaping and Waterproofing has over 30 years of experience and thousands of satisfied customers. As proud members of the B.B.B., Angie’s list, the Basement Health Association you can be sure that your homes water issues will be resolved by Minneapolis’s best exterior waterproofing company.

* We dug by hand and exposed the hole and cracks in the foundation wall that were responsible for letting the water in.

* The walls were prepped, primed and permanently sealed with sheets of waterproofing membrane, including sheet membrane attached to the foundation wall and going horizontally across the work area for a second layer of protection.

* Next a window well was installed so that compactable soils could be added to raise the grade in the problem area.

* Next we installed soil for a proper slope and run a gas-powered plate compactor over the work area to assure there would be no setting occurring later and finished the area with poly and rock. My customer was very happy and has maintained a dry basement ever since!


We’ll answer the phone. It’s that easy to schedule a waterproofing consultation. This is important, do it Now!