Basement Waterproofing in St. Paul, MN | Wet Basements

Many homes experience wet basements during the Spring thaw in Saint Paul, Minnesota, this home was no exception. The homeowner had experience moisture in his basement before, but now it was getting worse.

He asked a contractor that was working on a different project if he new of a good basement waterproofing company. He said, "Google AAA Reicks Waterproofing" if you want to solve your wet basement problems. He works outside the home which means no mess inside.

Tony Reick came out and located the problem in a few minutes. Over time the soil settled around the exterior of the basement and caused the water to drain back towards the home. During heavy rain storms water would leak in and run down the walls due to poor grading around the basement walls.

How did you solve the wet basement problems?

Tony's waterproofing specialists, excavated 24 inches down around the foundation walls and found some areas where the mortar was loose and missing between the blocks. These issues where fixed with new mortar and over sealed with a layer of thick waterproofing sheet membrane.

Next Dimple board, a product designed to keep moisture away from the problem areas, was installed along the walls 24 inches, deep the whole length of the lower level.

A drain tile system known as a French Drain was installed using clean River Rock and perforated drain tile to allow water to excape easily. The  project was finished by repacing and compacting the soil in the work space with a proper slope to the street.

Products and Plantings Used

  • 75 Feet perforated drain tile with a filter sock
  • 2 Ton clean river rock
  • 65 Feet Platon Dimple Board Foundation Wrap
  • Premium grass seed

The homeowner is very happy with the work performed and his basement has remained dry to this day!

If you live in St. Paul or the Twin Cities and experience water infiltrating your home, Call Tony at: (612) 369-6626  or use our service request form to contact us 24 hours a day.