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Basement waterproofing near me is a popular search term for Minneapolis - St. Paul homeowners. Older homes in the Twin Cities metro area often come down with an illness called “Wet basement syndrome”. It happens after every rainstorm, the homeowner wakes up in a cold sweat and fears the worst. Am I going to find water on the floor and soggy carpet in the basement again? And they feel sick to their stomach as they make their way downstairs and find it has happened again! These episodes can persist for days, weeks, years or longer unless a professional is called.

A wise homeowner will find the best remedy is to call a trusted, local basement waterproofing company like AAA Reick's Waterproofing. They will listen to your problems and then send a qualified “Wet Basement Doctor” to make a house call. A thorough exam will be done by walking around the outside of the home and getting a look at the problem areas to make a proper diagnosis of your home's particular ailment. They will find out how the water is entering into your basement and develop a cure for your sick home.

We have seen these problems before, usually, they are a result of a hole, crack, or gap in the foundation wall. These openings are where the water will enter into the open, hollow area that is inside block foundation walls. Once the water is inside the wall it travels quickly downward until it hits the footing the wall is built on and it leaks onto the basement floor at the wall base.

[* People often are mistaken by assuming that the water they see on the floor has “risen up” from below their basement floor due to a high water table because they find the water at their feet. Usually, this is hours or days later, after the rain has ended, they don’t actually witness the water enter the home, it is just there on the floor when they find it.*]

AAA Reick’s has the cure for illnesses like these. Our team of ”wet basement doctors” will remove any landscape material such as rock, plants, mulch. Then excavate and professionally seal the cracks, gaps, and holes in your foundation walls with quality mortar or hydraulic cement. A special primer and thick sheet membrane are then applied. We finish the job with a proper grade away from the problem areas with compacted soil and reinstall the landscape materials.

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