Basement Waterproofing Minneapolis-St. Paul

Thunderstorm Over Minneapolis
It's 2:34 A.M. and you are jolted awake by a giant clap of thunder!

You are gripped with the fear of another water-soaked basement, complete with wet carpet, furniture and storage items.

Leaky Basements In Minneapolis Can Be A Real Problem

Many of the homes are old, and time has taken its toll out on many of them and one of the biggest issues can be involved with water seepage in the lower living areas.

Your day is already getting better! Because you have found one of Minnesota's most dependable waterproofing contractors serving the twin cities metro area. AAA Reick's Landscape and Waterproofing has been providing dry basements to customers just like you for over 35 years.

  • We Install Exterior Drain Tile Systems
  • Seal Walls With Waterproofing Membranes
  • Repair Holes And Cracks In Foundation Walls
  • Raise Grade Around Foundation For Proper Drainage Away From Home
  • Deal With Problem Concrete And Other Paved Surfaces

Each Twin City Home is Unique!

We have many other customized ways to deal with water problems.

Setting a time to meet someone with our waterproofing company is the first step to ending your nightmare, and it's only a call or a click away. A qualified assessor can show up, on time, and inspect your home and look for a solution to your wet basement.

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