Frequently Asked Questions

Our Basement Waterproofing FAQ's will answer the most common questions you may have and help solve your wet basement problems.

Why does my basement get wet after heavy rainfall?
Almost all water enters your basement due to poor grading around the foundation walls on the exterior of your home.
How can I stop it?
Hire a qualified contractor to pinpoint your problem areas outside your home and find reasonable, affordable solutions.
Why work outside?
The exterior is the "ROOT" of the problem and should be considered.
Why not an indoor sump system?
Indoor systems companies never consider "WHY" your basement leaks. They use an electrical pump to pump out water out AFTER it has already entered underneath your basement's floor. If it fails, and they often do, the water is ready and waiting to reenter your basement and soak your carpet, sheetrock, and furniture again because the ACTUAL PROBLEM may never have been considered.
30 years of keeping basements dry, by working successfully at the "ROOT" of water problems. We are proud members of the B.B.B. and have an A+ Rating!
Will your methods keep black mold from growing in my house?
Yes, mold needs moisture to grow, and we keep basements dry, starving mold of the moist environment it needs to thrive.
Can I finish off my basement after you have completed my waterproofing project?
Many homeowners feel confident to install carpet and complete any bedrooms or family areas.
How long does it take?
Most projects are completed in 1 to 2 days.
What about the plants, rock, and other landscape material in the work area?
We are also qualified as Professional landscape installers and can restore any work area to look better than before.
How do you fix a crack in the wall?
We have excellent results using a waterproofing membrane to cover the crack on exterior walls completely.
What about water pooling in the other part of my yard?
We are also able to regrade and drain areas out in the middle of your yard that holds too much moisture and becomes soggy and unusable to you and your family.

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