Basement Waterproofing Company Channels Tom Brady in Minneapolis

“Is that the Tom Brady, the quarterback from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers?”

You might be asking that when we at AAA Reick’s Waterproofing come to your house.

What you’re picking up is how much we approach our work the way Brady has won 7 Super Bowls. And given the new kinds of water problems in Minneapolis/Saint Paul created by climate change we are “channeling” more and more of the Brady magic.

4 Traits That Make Champions

Those who have analyzed Tom Brady have boiled down his success to 4 traits. Those 4 traits are embedded in the core values of our family business.

No-excuse zone

To you, it’s an emergency. Our track record shows we respond in record time. And not only with expertise. We also understand how stressful water in the basement is for you. Emotionally we are with you. We listen. We encourage you to ask questions. Yes, please share all those concerns with AAA Reick’s.

Do it right the first time

Brady can’t make mistakes. Often he has only one play. The same with us. We have developed our systems to prevent errors, both of judgment and implementation. When we complete work on your property you know our licensed experts have solved your problem – completely.

Being Fair

Over and over again you let out a sigh of relief when we quote the estimate for the fixes your property needs. It’s lower than you expect because we don’t tear up your basement and tell you to install a sump pump system. Instead, we work from the outside. That’s where the water comes from. Rarely does it rise up from the basement floor. And the water won’t come back because we have retrofitted all the problem spots in how water drains on your property. No, you won’t need us to return.

Play to win

We at AAA Reick’s are the best in waterproofing. We know that. We are proud of that. We pull out all stops to keep delivering the best service to you. You trust us to be the best. We have never let you down. And we never will.

Your Basement is Where The Big Game Gets Played

The stakes are as high for you in keeping your basement dry as they are to Brady in the Super Bowl.

They include:

  • Protecting your family’s health. Even a little bit of moisture creates black mold. The spores can find their way into lungs. Damage can be severe.
  • Preventing recurring expenses – up to $10,00 a flood – from what happens when the torrents of rain overtake Minneapolis/Saint Paul.
  • Preserving your home’s resale value. A wet basement can set buyers fleeing. Continuing drainage problems can erode the foundation, window wells, and basement walls. That will be picked up in the home inspection.
  • Creating peace of mind. You can go to bed, not fearing what could happen to your basement during a rainstorm during the night.

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